The Osceola Turkey Hunt

The Osceola (Florida) Wild Turkey can only be found in Florida, and for that reason, hunters prize these birds because of their unique and small distribution. The primary distribution is the center two-thirds of the Florida peninsula and the bird is often found in scrub patches of palmetto and near swamp areas. An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 birds are believed to live throughout the central peninsula, but due to the density of the swamps and other surrounding habitats, an accurate estimate of the population is difficult.

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Food & Lodging

Lodging and meals are not included for our Osceola turkey hunts. Our Eastern turkey hunts offer both full accomadation food and lodging packages as well as Guided hunt only options

UNDER THE SON OUTFITTERS has negotiated a special discount rate with the Hampton Inn & Suites for our Florida hunts. 

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